Truly privileged to have learned and worked with these brands.


Newtrends International, PH

Camillian Task Force, IT

Axis, JP

Esprit Watches, PH

Police Watches, PH

Michael Kors, PH

Giordano Timewear, PH

Cross pens, PH

Segnatempo, PH

Nixon Watches, PH

Watch Republic, PH

Great Finds Manila, PH

The Lazeman, PH

Skin Benefit, PH

Usana Health Sciences, USA

Crazy Skates, AU

Frumtak Ventures, IC


Shady Gifts, UK

Beaufaces, PH

Exposure Ninja, UK

ZapConnect, AU

EnaWare, PH

Deafening Silence, USA

Happy Flower Child, PH

Alonzo Apparel, PH

Black Bird, AU

Alexei’s Diner and Cafe, PH




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